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Standard Features Glossary 24-Hour Timer Set the unit to start and stop automatically in a 24-hour period. Air Flow Panel 360° air outlet creates a soft and gentle air flow, which circulates throughout the whole space and provides an even temperature distribution in the room. Auto Defrosting Prevents the evaporator from freezing and maintains dehumidifying effect in low temperature environments. Auto Restart Function If the air conditioner shuts off unexpectedly due to a power outage, it will restart with the previous settings automatically when the power resumes. Built-In Basepan Heater A heating belt is fitted on the base plate of the outdoor unit to prevent water accumulation, which improves heat transfer efficiency. Built-In Condensate Lift Pump A powerful, built-in drain pump can lift the condensing water up to 29 inches. Control Box Inside the Cassette Easy maintenance with the box right inside the Cassette indoor unit. The integrated design provides a more compact size for easier installation. Convenient Temperature Controls An intuitive, easy-to-use remote control displays temperature and other functions on a bright, clear LCD screen. Convertible Return Air Inlet The air inlet can be installed either at the back or bottom of the Ducted unit, allowing for flexible installation to meet the need of each job. Crankcase Heater A heating belt is fitted on the compressor to prevent frosting water accumulation, which improves heat transfer efficiency. Diamond Outdoor Unit Design An innovative outdoor unit reduces noise level by more than 3 dB(A), with higher reliability, easier maintenance and improved performance. Eco Mode Provides the ultimate energy savings and a comfortable sleeping environment with an intelligent eight-hour night cycle program that saves up to 60% of energy. Extra Low Temperature Heating When it's cold outside, it's warm inside. High Tier and Mid-Tier Ductless Systems can be used as a primary heat source, with heat output down to -22° F. Follow Me A temperature sensor built-in the Remote Controller will sense its surrounding temperature. The unit will adjust the room temperature more accurately to give you comfort. Golden Fin Anti-Corrosive Coating An anti-corrosive coating on the condenser stands up to harsh weather, salty air and the elements, preventing build-up of corrosive mold and bacteria while improving heat transfer efficiency. High Ambient Cooling The indoor space can be cooled to a desired, comfortable indoor temperature, even when outside temperatures reach up to 122° F. High Heating Operation The High Tier and Mid-Tier systems can be a primary heat source, with high Heating down to -22° F, so when it's cold outside, it's warm inside. Independent Vane Control Air flow direction from individual outlets can be controlled separately to achieve the optimal air flow based on a room's configuration. Inverter Technology With the Inverter, the outdoor unit uses only the energy required to meet the desired temperature requirements of the indoor unit, thus lowering electric bills. Louver Position Memory A horizontal louver will automatically move to the same position that was set the last time the unit was on. Low Ambient Cooling Even when it's cold outside, but warm inside, the air conditioner will keep the area cool — perfect for server rooms and commercial kitchens. Refrigerant Leak Detection The indoor unit shows error code "EC" and stops automatically when refrigerant leakage is detected. This protects the compressor from high temperature damage due to refrigerant leakage. Single and Multi-Zone Compatible A single zone outdoor unit can be paired with any indoor unit type One multi-zone unit can be leveraged for up to five indoor units of any style. Sleep Mode This function enables the system to automatically increase cooling or decrease heating by around four degrees for the first two hours, then holds steady for the next five hours. After that, it will switch off. This function achieves both energy savings and comfort at night. Stepless Frequency Adjustment Precise control maintains a stable and constant room temperature while reducing the sound level and saving energy. Two-Way Draining Connections, piping and drainage can be installed from both the left and right on the High Wall. Universal Matching Get maximum flexibility with up to five different indoor units connected to one outdoor unit. Maintain a different temperature in each room for ultimate comfort, with the best indoor unit choice for each. Universal matching units are also available for single zone outdoor units. One outdoor unit can match any type of indoor unit. Wired Remote Controller Compared to an infrared remote controller, a Wired Controller can be fixed on the wall and makes air conditioner operation more convenient for larger setups or Ducted units. Glossary 70

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