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by Lynne Coyne, Intuitive Conferences + Events As IncentiveWorks and all of the festivities of this week have come to a close it makes you sit back and think about all the stress that we deal with on a daily basis with our job. It is widely noted that being an event planner is one of the top 10 stressful jobs in the world. Crazy but true! While we all tell ourselves we are not saving the world we are dealing with many asks for our time and attention. How do you manage your daily to do's while at work and then while you are on-site running a program? Well, to help maintain your sanity here are a few tips that I have learned along the way….. DURING YOUR WORK DAY 1. Realize that you can not do it all! – While we all want to please and be there for everything and everyone it is just not humanly possible. Be realistic and ask for help. 2. Set a schedule and stick to it – If you are attending parties or have competing priorities, set up reminders or block meetings with yourself with notifications as reminders then stick to it. 3. Take care of your body – Get plenty of rest, eat your greens, exercise and listen to your body. You are going for the marathon not just the sprint so look after yourself. 4. Take time to breathe – You need to take a bit of time each day to do something for yourself whether it is meditate or read a book or watch tv– something that is not work. 5. Make a list – It is what all event planners love to do but it does help. Write out what you have to do and then check it off as you go, it helps to put things in perspective and prioritize. What happens when you travel? Increased stress managing a program and trying to keep on top of the other programs and a mountain of emails. Well a lot of the above tips still apply but there are a few more to help you cope and thrive: Managing Stress What I've learned along the way ON THE ROAD 1. Take time off – If you are fortunate enough to be on-site with a team and have some time off, take it– either get caught up on emails or read or just sit and relax 2. Eat breakfast – You never know what is going to happen during the day but you can usually count on a bit of time in the morning to have some breakfast before you start. Make it a good one as lunch may not happen on time 3. Hydrate! – Late nights, hotel rooms and running around all day. Water is your best friend– you can not get enough. Tips for the hotel room– run a hot shower before bed or fill the sink or about an inch in the tub of hot water 4. Get fresh air! – How many times have you been on program and then a few days in realize that you have not been outside in days? Grab a coffee and sit outside for a few minutes or walk outside if possible to get from your room to the meeting space. 5. Enjoy! – We are all so blessed with the opportunity to go to amazing destinations and meet so many great people. Be thankful for the experiences, they will last you a lifetime! At the end of the day everyone handles their stress differently but recognizing it is the first step to managing it. Think about what happens to you physically and mentally when you are stressed and what helps you then talk to your friends and team members so that they can help in the moment. September 10, 2018 3

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