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3 F A L L 2 0 1 8 | A D R E N A L I N A D R E N A L I N M A G . C A Calling the Shots Our feature article on Women and Sport Leadership includes a great quote from Allison Sandmeyer-Graves that really captures the difference between equity and equality, and why gender equity in sport is so important: "Equality is providing everybody with the same start line. Equity is about providing everybody with the same finish line so that everyone has the opportunity to achieve the same outcomes." Sport organizations across Canada are taking action to improve diversity and inclusiveness at every level—from getting more girls out onto the playing field to modernizing board structures and recruiting and training more women for coaching positions. Of course, there's much more work to be done in this fast-moving business. At $6.8 billion and growing, the value of sport tourism is having a significant impact on the Canadian economy. Isn't it time that sport and business leadership represent a diversity of genders, perspectives, abilities, resources and experiences? We're rooting for stronger and more nimble organizations. That's why we're proud to have such smart and accomplished women on our team guiding ADRENALIN and our sister publication, Ignite magazine. We're here to support your success in the ever-changing business of sport event management. Here's to great starts and even greater outcomes! PUBLISHER'S NOTE The ADRENALIN team 2018 (l-r): Tricia Vieira, Rose Filice, Melaya Horsten, Debbie van der Beek, Laura Bickle, Sandra Eagle, Jennifer Newby, Angela Kryhul, Vicki Zeppa P H OTO : S TAC E Y N E W M A N

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