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September | October 2019 | Ignitemag.ca | 45 Give delegates a reason to engage Most people are competitive by nature, so use that to your advantage. A social media leader board that singles out top posts could be incentive enough for some people to engage. Others may respond to contests, such as prizes given for the best photo posted, or a social media version of Bingo. The latter worked well for Klar at Intuit's Get Connected event in Vancouver. Participants had to complete tasks, such as posting selfi es with the company's executives or getting a product demo, that appeared on their Connected Bingo card. The fi rst to complete the card won a swag prize pack. The game not only encouraged attendees to interact with each other, but also pushed them toward sharing their experiences on social media, says Klar. Keep the conversation going Just because an event is over doesn't mean it's time to retire the hashtags. Keep the event alive in delegates' minds—and possibly attract new ones to your next event—by sharing content online. Lissoni suggests posting podcasts, white papers and video record- ings from the event in an online portal and promoting that content through social media. "This will engage new people in the com- munity who can see the relevance of your event and increases the chances they'll attend next year." Use your internal resources It's disheartening for delegates to Instagram or tweet their little hearts out, and all they get is crickets. Be sure to prep event staff to follow delegates' conversations on social media and go for the trifecta of good engagement—like, share and comment—in a timely fashion. It's not good enough to go back and do it at the end of the day when you get home, says Wall. "Twitter's algorithm is based on how quickly people respond. If 10 people like a post within the fi rst 10 minutes, it will get a boost in peo- ple's threads," he says. Plus, if you wait, your delegates may stop posting altogether. Lissoni recommends preparing ready-to-use material on social media dash- boards, as it can help them participate in the conversation more easily.

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