September 2019

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4 6 8 10 12 13 14 16 IN THIS ISSUE Journey to SITE Global Conference 2020 The 'C' in ABC SITE Member Insight: Robin Abbey The one thing we should do more of when it comes to creating events SITE Member Insight: Raynald Paquet New Members 3 Ways Improv Can Help You Navigate Uncertainty SITE Canada Photo Album PAGE SEPT 2019 | VOL 3 SITElines SITE Canada office:
 6700 Century Ave, Ste. 100 Mississauga, ON L5N 6A4 T: 905.812.7483
 F: 905.567.7191 SITElines is published five times a year, designed to keep you informed of what's happening within our chapter, highlight trending topics, while also connecting you to SITE's global community and resources. Do you have feedback, suggestions or comments? Please contact Melaya Horsten, Director of Communications at: Interactive SITElines fueled by PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE Exciting events and networking ahead! by Gabrielle Spanton, Hosts Global It's been wonderful to see so many of our new and exis)ng members making the most out of their SITE Canada membership this year and there's so much more to come! Since our last newsle6er we have delivered three outstanding events. Our first SITE Canada CITP exam. Thank you to our proctors, Ellie MacPherson and Terry Manion, for your valued Fme and oversight and VIA Rail for providing the venue and fabulous service. Good luck to those of you who took advantage of the SITE Canada sponsorship and wrote the exam, we look forward to hearing about your results in the coming months. Thank you to everyone who parFcipated in the 11 th Annual SITE Canada Golf Tournament. What a beauFful day! A big shout out to Melia Hotels InternaFonal and all the SITE Canada Golf Tournament sponsors. We appreciate each and every one of you as well as our many volunteers who work Frelessly to deliver a fabulous day of networking and friendly compeFFon. Thank you to our Director of CommunicaFons, Melaya Horsten, for planning the Designing and Delivering Mo/va/onal Experiences interacFve session during CMEE. We truly appreciate the Fme and energy of the experienced and highly regarded professionals who each so kindly facilitated a table.

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