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As for terrorism, unfortunately, it is now a global phenomenon, which means event organizers must no longer plan for "if" but "when" it will affect their incenve programs. And even if it doesn't affect a parcular desnaon, news of acts of violence spreads globally and instantaneously, which makes parcipants hesitant to travel. Why are you a member of SITE Canada?
 I have been a member connuously for 31 years because SITE Canada is my anchor connecon to the incenve industry. The networking is fantasc and the educaonal events world-class. Why wouldn't I be a member?! Do you have any advice for young professionals starng out in incenves?
 Gain as much experience in as many areas of the industry as you can. The opportunies are limitless! What do you see in the future for the incenve travel industry? What would you like to see?
 Ironically, the more technology infiltrates our lives, the more we need face-to-face interacon. Personal connecons maer, which is why I served as Chair of Meengs Mean Business Canada in 2017 and connue to serve on the board. Incenves are an important part of the global trillion-dollar business events industry and serve to drive performance, create personal connecons and improve lives.
 Knowing what you do now, what is one piece of industry advice that you would give your younger self?
 Buy as much Apple, Google, Amazon and Facebook stock as you can afford! Be sure to extend a warm welcome to our new members of SITE Canada at upcoming events! WELCOME Bonnie Boyd BBC Desnaon Management Sonja de Roo Creave Group Inc. Anne Findlay-Gomes IQ Business Events Inc. Tim Oldfield Marrio Internaonal Gisele Robert StraightTALK Incenves Jennifer Ginsberg JPdL Colee Lynch JPdL West Jusn McCray 1 Hotel South Beach 9 DEC 2020 | VOL 5

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