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STRATEGY G I V E T H E S P O N S O R W H AT T H E Y N E E D If you're asking for sponsorship from a satellite office with few local staff, don't give them 150 tickets to your event just because you'd like to see the seats filled. And rink boards are likely not going to drive business to a local restaurant and bar, but BOGO coupons that must be used by 10 p.m. the night of the game will, and can create a customer habit that lasts after the promotion ends, notes Barootes. Tracy Fahlman, president and CEO of the Regina Hotel Association (RHA), which sponsors about 25 sport events annually, says that pre-planning time is essential. "A year… provides adequate time to think together, to plan together, to budget together for what could really mutually benefit both organizations," she says, adding that because a sports organization recently came to her with plenty of advance planning for one event, the RHA was actually able to sponsor three events. C O M M U N I C AT E , C O M M U N I C AT E , C O M M U N I C AT E "The biggest flaw that I see in most not-for-profit organizations is not communicating," says Barootes. If the top- ranked team isn't able to show up for the tournament, the sponsor needs to hear that from you, not the media. Relationship building goes beyond just communication associated with the event or season. If the company is in the news for making a donation or acquiring an asset, email to say "Hey, congratulations!" Barootes says. Fahlman is in favour of face-to-face meetings whenever possible. And, if the initial contact doesn't quite pan out, don't close any doors, she says. "Maintaining a respectful rapport is key. It may not be the right fit now but opportunities to partner may be just around the corner." D E L I V E R W H AT Y O U P R O M I S E D It's possible for things to fall through the cracks, especially in a volunteer organization, but simply completing what's agreed to—displaying all 10 banners, not just five—goes a long way to sponsor satisfaction and renewal. P U T I T I N B L A C K A N D W H I T E Barootes is in favour of writing a fulfilment report when the event or season is over. "Tell them what you promised them, what you actually delivered, what you failed to deliver and what you over-delivered on." Understanding and tracking metrics— accurate and comparable numbers about attendance, social media engagement, app users and more—is usually an important part of the process too. 15 S P R I N G 2 0 2 0 | A D R E N A L I N A D R E N A L I N M A G . C A Your Personal Best! Contact: Julie Nadeau | Delegate – Sport Tourism and Events Destination Sherbrooke 1 855 560-4280, ext. 302 /

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