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PROFLO PUMPS: BUILT TO LAST | 23 Shop instore at all Wolseley locations and online at PUMP PARTS PF99001 Garden Hose Apdater, 1 1/2" MIP side discharge PF99005 1 1/4" MPT X 3/4" Garden Hose Adapter PF99006 1 1/4" FPT X 3/4" Garden Hose Adapter PF99007 1 1/4"FIP X 1 1/4 or 1 1/2 ADP PF99008 10' Power Cord (Plastic Pumps) PF99009 25' Power Cord ( Plastic Pumps) PF99102 10' Power Cord (Stainless Pumps) PF99073 Intake screen, 1/5, 1/4, 1/3rd HP Plastic & CI PF99074 Intake screen, 1/2 HP Plastic & CI PF99163 Intake Screen for S/S pumps PF99062 Gasket - Thermoplastic top discharge Submersible PF99187 Gasket - Thermoplastic side discharge Submersible PF99088 Gasket - Cast Iron side discharge Submersible PF99138 Gasket- Cast Iron Pedestal Pump PF99057 Shaft Seal, For all submersable pumps PF99157 Shaft Seal, For all Stainless Steel pumps PF99185 Base for Side Discharge Plastic Pump (91570 Ect.) PF99025 O-Ring seal for motor base PF99060 Impeller - 1/5th & 1/4 HP Plastic Pumps PF99065 Impeller - 1/3 HP Plastic Pumps PF99070 Impeller THREAD ON - 92351, 92352, 92501 PF99096 Impeller - 92341, 92331, 91570, 91575 PF99081 Impeller D-SHAFT- 92501, 92511, 92352 PF99156 Impeller - Sewage Pump, Stainless Thread ON PF99095 Impeller D-SHAFT - Sewage Pump, Stainless PF99116 Impeller for 92333 & 92553 Pedestal Pump PF99118 Impeller for 92301 & 92551 Pedestal Pump PF99675 Impeller for 90050 Transfer Pump PF99354 Impeller for Jet Pumps PF99164 Capnut for D-shaft impellers PF92000 Float Switch - Tethered, 10' cord PF92005 Float switch - Tethered, 25' cord PF92010 Float Switch - Vertical, 10' cord PF92010-Float Vertical float Rod, Pin & Grommet PF99160 Long Rod for the Vertical float switch, 93511 PF92025-RTL Float Switch - Vertical, 25' cord PF92091 DC Vertical float switch, 10', for BBU Pump PF92050 DC tethered float switch, 10', for BBU Pump PF99105 Vertical switch bracket - Pump mounted PF99195 Vertical switch bracket - Pipe mounted PF99132 Float Ball - Pedestal Plastic PF99134 Float Ball - Pedestal Stainless or Copper PF99129 Float Rod for 1/3rd HP Pedestal pump 92333 & 92553 PF99126 Float Rod Guide, 92333 & 92553 PF99131 Float Rod for 1/2 HP Pedestal pump 92551 & 92301 PF99128 S/S Float Rod Guide 92551 & 92301 PF99112 Coupling for pedestal Pump Drive Shaft PF99113 Drive Shaft for 92333 Pedestal Pump PF99114 Drive Shaft for 92551 Pedestal Pump PF99100 Pedestal Pump Switch PF99146 Plastic Pedestal Base, 92333 PF99140 Plastic Base Volute, 92333 PF99230 Pressure switch for Jet Pumps PF99233 Ejector Gasket - Jet Pumps PF99236 Ejector Body for Conv Jet Pump PF99227 Venturi - Shallow Well Jet Pump PF99234 Venturi -Convertible Jet Pump PF99470 12 Volt BBU Pump PF99466 BBU Control Box Superior PF99467 A/C Transformer & Cord Superior BBU Pump PF99459 Battery Box Bottom for BBU Kits PF99465 Battery Box Lid W/Controler Superior PF99680 Brush Set (pair) for 90050 transfer pump PF99681 Brush Holder (each) for transfer pump PF99679 Brush Cap (each) for Transfer Pump PF99674 O Ring Seal for 90050 PF99676 Shaft Seal for 90050 Transfer Pump PF99678 Seal Plate for 90050 Transfer Pump PF99688 Gasket for 90040, 90045, Transfer Pump PF99689 Impeller for 90040, 90045, Transfer Pump PF99290 6 Gallon remote drain Basin Base, 92017 PF99291 Basin Lid, 92017 & Others PF99292 Remote drain basin gasket PF99278 2 hole grommet PF99344 24 x 24 Poly Basin, 93024, 93026 PF99275 18" x 30" Basin, 93015, 93020 PF99276 18" Lid for 24" & 30" sewage basins PART NUMBER PUMP PART PART NUMBER PUMP PART

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