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j u st say i n ' When the schools shut down, it was obvious my dining room could no longer function as my offi ce. I needed a door, for my sanity and that of my two teenagers. I dragged an old desk from my basement up into my bedroom. It sits at the foot of my bed, beside a large window. What I thought was an inelegant but necessary short-term solution has actually had unforeseen benefi ts. The beautiful afternoon sun fi ltering through the maple tree in my front yard keeps me energized. And when I've got a bout of writer's block, the view of my street feeds my curious side (I think my street has collectively paid for Jeff Bezos's new yacht) and helps me track the growth of all the new and adorable pandemic puppies in the neighbourhood. And for the fi rst time in my writing career, I feel like I have what Virginia Woolf called "a room of one's own." There are a lot of lessons to be learned from the experiences of the last 18 months. And one of them is how we relate to work. The pandemic has forced us to rip up the game plan and rethink everything we thought we knew about priorities, productivity and the nature of success. This became very clear to me when I spoke to Tami Adams, the producer of the Nurses Week Resiliency ReBoot Experience (p. 18). With only two months to pull it together, the team was very aware that they were at risk of suffering the very condition they were aimed at helping their audience to combat. "It would be kind of ironic if the planners became burnt out themselves." So they were very intentional: "We checked in regularly with one another and made sure we kept coming back to why we were doing what we were doing," says Adams. "If one of us felt really stressed out—it happened— we made sure to address it and discuss if we needed to delegate tasks or add more team members." And, she adds, no matter how busy it got, everyone was encouraged to take breaks to reframe. This approach is not just kind, it's good business. "I think this led to a lot of the success of this event," says Adams. As we return to "normal," we need to remember what we've learned about priorities. We made all these sacrifi ces because we collectively prioritized health. Let's not stop now. Let's keep our health and well-being on the radar, customizing our work-life balance and working smarter, not harder. Laura Bickle, Editor laura@ignitemag.ca @LauraIgnite BETTER, BOLDER, SMARTER M e w i t h m y o f fi c e m a te, C h l o e June 2021 | Ignitemag.ca | 3

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