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14 | Ignitemag.ca | Hybrid Meetings July 2021 "The option for attendees to choose live or digital makes our events much more accessible to a broader audience. There are two events happening concurrently in a hybrid model and they should not only be different and unique experiences for the specific group, but they should be considered two events in the budget phase. Two events means we charge more, not double the work and make less. I also know that while our team is large and diverse enough to handle two very different events, others may not. Find your jam, digital or live, and find a collaborator that can deliver the stream that you cannot. We have the opportunity to provide value in new ways to new customers and trying to be everything to everyone will not work..." —Keri Miller, CSEP, partner & chief creative strategist, e=mc 2 events "While you are planning one event, there needs to be two different user experiences. It should always feel like the content was built just for them, and that they don't receive details that are irrelevant to them and as a result feel like they're missing out on anything. Keeping this at the forefront of planning will ensure that virtual attendees always have a first-class experience and never feel like second-class citizens. All attendees have interest around the same content, so virtual and in-person attendees should have the opportunity to network and connect with one another." —Joe Schwinger, CEO and founder, MeetingPlay "Allow yourself enough time—it takes immense collaboration between multiple teams to create a flawless production. Technical checks and rehearsals are a must. And ensure you promote access to the virtual platform at the event, so that all audiences can connect via chat, Q&A, polls and meetings." —Trish Knox, owner and founder, TK Events "Hybrid is no different than any other event. Consider your attendees and event goals first and the rest will follow. Check out and test drive what others are doing so you can use this knowledge for yourself and your attendees. Confer with your peers, and event partners. Together we can come up with great solutions." —Melissa Deslauriers, director of marketing, bb Blanc C losing REMARKS

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