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T22, T25, T26, T28, T46, and T91 Accessories Description Replacement knob and cover kits Replacement knob kit numbers KNB17A-600R, KNB20A-600R, and KNB26A-600R are designed as direct replacements for original equipment knobs. Faceplates Faceplates are available with metal or plastic covers. Thermostat trim plates Trim plate PLT231-1R is for mounting two wall thermostats such as T22, T25, T26, T58, T91 or one thermostat and one humidistat on a three-gang electrical box. The PLT61A-600 is a similar three- gang plate but with one cutout and a 3/8 in. hole for mounting accessory switches. These plates are finished in tawny silver to complement the design of the thermostat and humidistat. Selection chart Table 135: Replacement knob and cover kits Product code number Description Replacement knob for KNB17A-600R Includes two plastic knobs T91, T22, T25, and T26 with metal knob and metal cover KNB20A-600R Includes one plastic knob T26 and W43 with plastic knob and metal cover KNB26A-600R Includes one plastic knob with trim disc T26, T46, and W43 with plastic cover Table 136: Faceplates Product code number Mounting position Type of adjustment Cutout for thermometer Use with Temperatur e scale Faceplates for T22, T25, T26, T80, T91, and W43 with metal cover PLT213-6R Vertical Concealed No T26, W43 with metal cover None Faceplates for T26, W43 AND W45 with plastic cover PLT333-1R Vertical Knob Yes T26, T46 Fahrenheit PLT333-2R Horizontal Knob Yes T26 Fahrenheit PLT333-3R Vertical Concealed Yes T26, T46 Fahrenheit PLT333-4R Horizontal Concealed Yes T26 Fahrenheit PLT333-5R Vertical Knob Yes T26, T46 Celsius PLT333-12R Vertical Concealed No T26, T46, and W43 None Table 137: Trim plates Product code number Description Replacement trim plate for PLT231-1R Tawny silver trim plate T22, T25, T26, T28, T58, T91, W42, W43 112

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