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Selection chart Product Code Number Switch Action Pressure Range Differential psi (kPa) Max Overpressure psig (kPa) Max Working Pressure psig (kPa) Pressure Connection Time Delay Setting P29NC-2C 1/4 in. external flare fitting P29NC-3C 60 seconds (factory set) P29NC-49C 120 seconds P29NF-1C 1 Single-Pole, Single- Throw (SPST) 20 in. Hg Vacuum to 100 psig (-68 to 690 kPa) 2.2 ±1.5 (15.2 ±10.3) 325 (2,241) 250 (1,723) 36 in. copper capillary tube with 1/4 in. flare nut 120 seconds 1 With alarm contacts Example: Setpoint at 10 psig. On a rise in pressure, the timing circuit opens at 10 psig and time out ends. On a fall in pressure, the timing circuit energizes at 6 to 9 psig and the time out begins. If the pressure fails to reach 10 psig within the 60 second time delay, the main contacts open, shutting down the controlled equipment. 128 Refrigeration Products Catalog

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