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P67 Series Low Pressure Control Description P67 pressure controls are used to close or open an electrical circuit, based on a predetermined air pressure signal. The operating point of the control and the differential, are easy to adjust with the externally located adjustment screws on the top of the control enclosure. The pressure controls incorporate a non-metallic diaphragm that is positioned by air pressure changes. The diaphragm, in turn, actuates a heavy-duty electrical contact block using a lever mechanism. Refer to the P67 Series Low Range Pressure Control Product Bulletin (LIT-121445) for important product application information. Features • Long-life contact structure, high contact force • Easy-to-adjust settings: single sight-set scales show both cut-in and cut-out settings Applications Typical applications include the control of air compressors, fans, pilot lights, resistance heating elements, and other devices. Selection chart Table 153: Selection Chart Product Code Number Control Action Scale Range psi 1 (kPa) Temp. Range Diff. psi (kPa) Maximum Over-pressure psig (kPa) Connector P67AA-1C Double-Pole, Single- Throw (DPST) opens on pressure drop P67CA-1C DPST opens on pressure rise Angle Barbed Fitting P67EA-5C L-M2 contacts connect on pressure rise and simultaneously the L- M1 contacts break 3 to 30 (21 to 207) 32 to 140°F 0 to 60°C 1-1/2-20 (10 to 138) Adjustable 50 (345) 1/8 in. External NPT 1 Range is minimum cut-out to maximum cut-in on Open Low controls. It is minimum cut-in to maximum cut-out on Open High controls. 131

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