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P128 and P145 Series Lube Oil Pressure Controls Description The P128 and P145 Series Controls provide dependable low pressure lube oil cut-out for pressure lubricated refrigeration compressors. The P128 Series offer adjustable range settings. The P128 and P145 controls feature a 1/4 in. external flare pressure connection which may be used with a refrigerant hose or cap tube such as SEC99 UltraCap. Refer to the P28 and P128 Series Lube Oil Control with Built-in Time Delay Relay Product Bulletin (LIT-125420) for important product application information. Features • ambient compensated time delay relay • trip-free manual reset • industry standard • P128 is fully adjustable throughout its range • P145 is factory set to compressor manufacturer's specifications Applications Use these controls for lube oil cutout on hermetic and semi-hermetic compressors used in commercial air-conditioning and commercial and industrial refrigeration systems. Technical Specifications Pressure controls P128 and P145 are designed to be used with SEC99 UltraCap. Product specifications for P128 are the same as P28 model. Refer to P28 Series Lube Oil Pressure Cutout Control (With Time Delay) (LIT-1927185) Catalog Page (LIT-1927185). Product specifications for P145 are the same as P45 model. Refer to P45 Series Lube Oil Pressure Cutout Control (With Time Delay) Catalog Page (LIT-1927200) (LIT-1927185). Also note the selection chart below. Accessories Some controls are supplied less mounting brackets. If brackets are required, order kit number BKT38A-600, which contains five 271-51 angle mounting brackets with screws; or BKT38A-601 which contains one mounting bracket with screws. 173

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