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Selection charts Table 204: P545 Series Electronic Lube Oil Control Product Code Number Lube Oil Delay (Seconds) P400 Switch Wiring Harness Fits Compressors Manufactured by P545NCB-22C 1 120 P400AD-2 WHA-P400-100 Copeland ® P545NCB-25C 1 90 P400BD-1 WHA-P400-125 Bitzer ® P545NCB-82C 1 120 P400AD-1 WHA-P400-100 Carlyle ® 1 Switch and wiring harness included Table 205: Control and Sensor/Switch Compatibility Test P345 or P445 Control with P400 Switch P545 Control and P400 Switch Wiring Harness 1 WHA-P400-xxx WHA-P400-xxx Test Switch Does not function 2 Immediate 1 WHA-P400-xxx is the two-wire harness supplied with the P545 control and the P400 switch. 2 When the P445 Control is wired to a P400 Switch, the Test button may operate when first powered up; however, after a couple minutes of operation, the Test Switch function no longer works. All other control functions operate normally. Accessories Table 206: P400 Single-Point Differential Lube Oil Pressure Switch Product Code Number 1 Open Point (Differential Pressure) Close Point (Differential Above Open Point) Threads Wiring Harness P400AD-1C 7.0 ±1.0 psi less than or equal to 2.0 psi P400AD-2C 12.75 ±0.75 psi less than or equal to 1.5 psi 3/4-16 UNF WHA-P400-100 P400BD-1C 10.0 ±1.5 psi less than or equal to 3.0 psi M20 x 1.5 WHA-P400-125 1 Wiring harness included Table 207: Wiring Harnesses and Other Accessories Product Code Number Description KITP545-82C 1 • CST29A-600C Sensor Block; • P545NCB-82 Control; • P400AD-1C Switch; • WHA-P400-100C Wiring Harness WHA-P400-100C 3-1/3 ft (1 m) length wiring harness WHA-P400-125C 4 ft (1-1/4 m) length wiring harness WHA-P400-250C 8 ft (2-1/2 m) length wiring harness WHA-P400-430C 14 ft (4-1/3 m) length wiring harness R310AD-1C Low-voltage Current Sensing Switch 271-51 Universal Mounting Bracket 1 Contact Carlyle Compressor Co. at 1-800-462-2759 to order Sensor Block Gasket 06DA680063. 181 Refrigeration Products Catalog

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