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RLD-H10G Refrigerant Leak Detector Description The RLD-H10G is a professional grade leak detector for use by refrigeration and air conditioning technicians. This detector senses all CFC, HCFC, and HFC refrigerants and blends, such as R12, R502, R22, R404a, R507, R134a and R410A, among others. The RLD-H10G plugs into a 120 VAC outlet. Features • Positive ion emission heated diode sensor provides the most sensitivity available today, while still detecting all halogenated refrigerant gases • Halogen selective sensing eliminates many sources of possible false alarms due to background contamination • High quality air pump supplies constant air flow to sensor so it responds quickly to leaks; also helps sensor recover quickly after exposure to refrigerant so leak can be verified • Visual and audible signal facilitates sensing in noisy equipment rooms with 360° visibility and piercing tone; frequency of noise/light indicates magnitude of leak • Exceeds SAE J1627 moving probe specification; minimizes service time because the leak is found the first time, is verifiable, and the fix can be confirmed • External calibration source indicates when the sensor is working properly and serves as a reference point to judge leak size Selection Chart For repair parts, contact your local Johnson Controls/PENN ™ representative. Table 227: Selection chart Code Number Description RLD-H10G-1 Refrigerant Leak Detector control unit with a manual balancing circuit, a probe with a 4.5 ft cable, and a 6 ft power cord Accessories Table 228: Accessories Code Number Description RLD-H10-100 14 inch flexible probe extension RLD-H10-600R Tune-up kit includes: sensor, 100 filters, 3 airflow indicator balls, 3 probe tips and leak vial RLD-H10-601R Replacement sensor RLD-H10-602R Maintenance kit includes: 100 replacement filters, 3 airflow indicator balls, and 3 probe tips RLD-H10-603R Replacement leak vial RLD-H10-606R Replacement clear plastic probe tip RLD-H10-607R Replacement probe assembly 203

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