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Features and benefits Durable, Compact, Interchangeable Modular Components with Plug-Together Connectors and DIN Rail or Direct Wall Mount Capability Eliminate field wiring between modules and allow you to quickly and easily design, assemble, install, and upgrade your control systems. Versatile, Multipurpose, Field-Configurable Control Modules and Expansion Modules Designed for Global Use Allow you to create a wide variety of application- specific control systems capable of controlling temperature, pressure, or humidity, or all three conditions simultaneously, with only a small suite of module models. Control Modules with Bright Backlit LCDs and Four-Button Touchpad User Interfaces, Up to Three Hard-Wired Input Sensors and Up to Ten Relay or Analog Outputs (In Any Combination) per Control System Provide quick, clear, visual status of your System 450 control system inputs and outputs with the touch of a button and enable you to quickly and easily set up and adjust your control system. An Extensive Suite of Compatible Temperature and Humidity Sensors and Pressure Transducers Allows you to monitor and control a wide range of HVACR and process conditions in a variety of standard and global units of measurement. Differential Control Enables your control system to monitor and maintain a temperature, pressure, or humidity differential between two sensor points within a system, process, or space. On/Off Delays Allow the user to configure an on delay (the time between a setpoint trip and the energizing of a relay) and an off delay (the time between a setpoint trip and the de-energizing of a relay). Applications You can create a wide variety of custom, application- specific control systems with System 450 modules. The following are some common control application examples: • Temperature control • Pressure control • Humidity control • Multipurpose control • Reset and setback control • High input-signal selection • Differential control Temperature control • Temperature monitoring and alarming • On/Off staged control of boilers and chillers • Proportional stage control of boilers and chillers • Boiler and chiller pump control • Heating and cooling control with deadband • Floating temperature control of damper and valve actuators • Cooling tower fan speed/stage control based on water temperature • Supply, make-up, and mixed air temperature control • Temperature actuated valve control • Supply and make-up air damper and fan control • Condenser fan staging or speed control based on condenser temperature Refrigerant pressure control • Condenser fan cycling and stage control • Multispeed condenser fan control • Floating pressure control of damper and valve actuators • Condenser fan speed and damper control 292 Refrigeration Products Catalog

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