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System 450 Series C450CCU Condensing Unit Control System Introduction The System 450 ™ Series condensing unit control module controls space temperature, scheduled defrost cycles, evaporator fans, and optional pump down compressor control on walk-in coolers, freezers, and refrigerated display cases with remote condensing units. You can use the C450CCU-4 control module, in conjunction with optional System 450 relay output expansion modules, to build a variety of custom condensing unit control systems for small and medium capacity refrigeration applications. The C450CCU-4 condensing unit control system provides passive, off-cycle defrost control or active, electric heat defrost control. Depending on the application, you can terminate defrost cycles based on time or based on the sensed evaporator temperature. You can use a menu option to manually initiate or terminate a defrost cycle at any time. You can also control single-speed or two-speed evaporator fans, and add an optional pressure transducer for pump down pressure control of the compressor. Refer to the following resources for detailed information about how to set up, operate, and troubleshoot a System 450 condensing unit control system: • System 450 Series C450CCU Condensing Unit Control System Technical Bulletin (LIT-12013266) • System 450 Series C450CCU Condensing Unit Control Module Installation Guide (Part No. 24-7664-03809) Features The condensing unit control module provides the following features: • Temperature control of a refrigerated space • Defrost control - Passive, off-cycle defrost control for medium-temperature applications - Active, electric heat defrost control for low- temperature applications - Defrost termination sensor or optional defrost termination switch - One to eight daily scheduled defrost cycle times - Manual start and stop capability of defrost cycles • Evaporator fan control - Control single or two-speed evaporator fans • Pump-down control - Initiate and terminate a pump-down cycle, and minimize compressor failure due to liquid slugging 327

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