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conditions simultaneously, with only a small suite of module models. Control Modules with Bright Backlit LCDs and Four-Button Touchpad User Interfaces, Up to Three Hard-Wired Input Sensors and Up to Ten Relay or Analog Outputs (In Any Combination) per Control System Provide quick, clear, visual status of your System 450 control system inputs and outputs with the touch of a button and enable you to quickly and easily set up and adjust your control system. Multipurpose, All-in-One Control Modules Enable simple stand-alone, single-module control systems that are temperature, pressure, and humidity capable out of the box and easy to set up in the field to replace a wide variety of OEM HVAC/R and process controls. An Extensive Suite of Compatible Temperature and Humidity Sensors and Pressure Transducers Allows you to monitor and control a wide range of HVACR and process conditions in a variety of standard and global units of measurement. High Input Signal Selection Enables your control system to monitor a temperature, pressure, or humidity condition with two or three sensors (of the same type) and control your system outputs based on the highest condition value sensed by the referenced sensors. Differential Control Enables your control system to monitor and maintain a temperature, pressure, or humidity differential between two sensor points within a system, process, or space. Repair Information If the System 450 control module with hybrid analog output fails to operate within its specifications, replace the unit. For a replacement System 450 control module with hybrid analog output, contact a Johnson Controls ® representative. Selection Chart Refer to the System 450 Compatible Sensors, Transducers, and Accessories Catalog Page (LIT-1900662) for temperature sensors, humidity sensors, and pressure transducers compatible with the System 450 control modules. Table 359: Hybrid System 450 Modules and Accessories Ordering Information Product Code Number Product Description C450CPW-400C Hybrid Analog Output Control Module with LCD, Four-Button Touchpad UI, Hybrid Analog Output and Optional High Input Signal Select; provides one hybrid analog output and optional high input signal select primarily used for variable-speed EC motor speed control. Only Analog Output 1 (OUTA1) can be configured as a hybrid analog output and/or use the High Input Signal Selection feature. These features are not available for any of the other outputs in a System 450 control system that uses the C450CPW-400C as the control module. BKT287-1R DIN Rail; 0.30 m (12 in.) long BKT287-2R DIN Rail; 1 m (39-1/3 in.) long BKT287-3R DIN Rail; 0.61 m (24 in.) long BKT287-4R DIN Rail; 0.36 m (14 in.) long PLT344-1R DIN Rail End Clamps (Two clamps) WHA-C450-100C System 450 module connection extension cable, 100 cm (3.3 ft) long 331 Refrigeration Products Catalog

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