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A421 Series Electronic Temperature Controls with Cycle Timer Description The A421 Series Standard Electronic Temperature Controls are single-stage, electronic temperature controls with a single-pole, double-throw (SPDT) output relay. The controls feature an adjustable backlit LCD for viewing the temperature and status of other functions, and a three-button touchpad for setup and adjustment. An LED indicates the On/Off status of the output relay. The A421 Controls with cycle timer can be powered with either 120 VAC or 240 VAC. The A421 Control with Cycle Timer is a free-cooling, duty-cycle ventilation control. This control provides timed-ventilation and overcooling protection. A421 Control with Cycle Timer also provides sensor offset capability and restricted user adjustment. The temperature control range is -40°F to 212°F or -40°C to 100°C. The A421 Controls are available in Type 1/IP20 high- impact plastic enclosures suitable for surface or DIN rail mounting and Type 4X/IP66 watertight, corrosion-resistant surface mount enclosures. Refer to the A421 Series Electronic Temperature Controls Product Bulletin (LIT-12012249) for important product application information. The control housing base on the Type 4X/IP66 models can be easily rotated 180º relative to the control housing cover and LCD, allowing you to bring the electrical connection to either the top or bottom of the mounted control. Applications The A421 equipped with Cycle Timer is used in agricultural and related applications where free- cooling and ventilation are needed. Features and benefits Control front panel LCD Displays the temperature, parameters, and status. You can adjust the backlight brightness for ambient light conditions. Custom icons display the system and control status. Basic and Advanced programming menu Provides two levels of parameter adjustment and control setup. You can set up advanced features in one menu and easily adjust basic parameters in the other menu. Free-cooling and ventilation Adjust for free-cooling and timed-ventilation, and provides over-cooling protection. On/Off temperature adjustment Adjust the On/Off temperature values. 72

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