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TC Series Refrigeration and Defrost Controller Description The TC Series controllers are a range of energy efficient, microprocessor-based, multifunctional, programmable temperature controls for self- contained refrigeration systems that operate with both on-off switches and variable speed compressors. Depending on the model you choose, TC Series controllers can also manage alarms, active or passive defrost cycles, evaporator fan functions, and case lighting. A large, red LED display is standard for all TC Series controllers. These compact controllers are available in panel mounting or DIN rail mounting types. TC Series controllers use EVTPN temperature sensors, so that you can remotely mount the display unit. All TC Series controllers have a variety of optional inputs and output relays to perform compressor, defrost, evaporator fan, lighting control, and alarm management control. TC Series controllers consist of three groups of controllers: TC3B, TC3, and TC3X. Refer to the Penn TC Series Refrigeration and Defrost Controller Product Bulletin (LIT-12013344) for important product application information. Features and benefits Capacitive touch keys The patented capacitive touch UI provides the controller with a modern and elegant design. You can easily clean the controller's flat front surface. The capacitive touch keys provide reliable, long-life operation and eliminate a common point of failure with electromechanical keys that many competitive devices contain. Variable speed compressor The TC3B Series includes a model that drives Tecumseh, Embraco, and Secop variable speed compressors. IP65 rating The capacitive touch UI achieves an IP65 rating. The water resistant UI minimizes the risk of damage due to water and moisture entering the controller. Adaptive defrost The controller monitors the heat transfer performance of the evaporator coil to start defrost at the time that the environment requires. If you optimize the defrost cycle based on the system demand, you increase energy efficiency, along with the quality and shelf life of refrigerated products. Compressor protection Active power line monitoring ensures that the compressor only cycles on at the optimal point. TC3KEY programming key Use the TC3KEY programming key to automatically program devices. You can store and replicate programmed device configurations on another 77

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