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T22/T25/T26 Series Line Voltage Wall Thermostat (Heating, Cooling, or Heating and Cooling) Description Use the T22, T25, and T26 Series for line voltage control of residential, commercial, or industrial heating or year-round air conditioning. You do not require heat or cold anticipators. The liquid-charged temperature sensing element and highly efficient diaphragm and leverage provide close temperature control. Refer to the following documents for important product application information: • T22 Series Line Voltage Thermostats with Selector Switch Product Bulletin (LIT-125630) • T25 Two-Stage Room Thermostat Product Bulletin (LIT-125640) • T26 Series Line Voltage Thermostats Product Bulletin (LIT-125645) Features • Attractive beige-colored, high-impact plastic enclosure for the T26 Series • Close differential without the need for anticipators • Bi-metal thermometer supplied as standard except where indicated • Includes adjustable dial stops for the T26 Series Specifications The temperature range is 40°F to 90°F (5°C to 32°C), except for energy conservation models. Accessories • Replacement knobs and faceplates • Double trim plate to mount two T22s or T26s Applications Use the thermostats for line voltage control of heating and cooling equipment. Figure 16: T25 and T26 action diagrams 86

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