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June | July 2015 | Ignitemag.ca | 33 Yes, Millennials love their mobile devices, but they val- ue face-to-face, and that bodes well for the future of meetings. Here, curated from a wide selection of stud- ies and media reports, are some of the distinct prefer- ences of this age group: Travel & Destination Millennials like big cities with access to public transportation and plenty of nighttime ac- tivities. When it comes to incentive travel, Millennials crave experiences that are rare and extraordinary so they can share their unique stories on social media. Networking & Connecting Engage with Millennials weeks before an event begins. A well-defined social media strategy includes tools for sharing information, pho- tos and hashtags. Millennials desire creative face-to- face networking opportunities such as icebreakers and group activities. They also want to exchange knowl- edge with, and be mentored by, seasoned Gen-Xers and Boomers. Personalization & Content Millennials have a low toler- ance for hour-long plenaries, so consider breaking sessions into shorter, TED Talks-style segments. This age group also wants to know how they will personally benefit by attending your event. Interactivity Millennials expect their opinions to be heard. Include audience polling and lots of Q&A time. They want to interact with leadership, so advise speak- ers and panelists on how to handle attendee-generat- ed content on the fly. Tech-friendly Free Wi-Fi, adequate bandwidth and charging stations are a given. Don't forget an app that streamlines the registration process and keeps attend- ees engaged throughout the event. Gamification Millennials like to have fun while they learn. Set the stage for success including stating desired goals, offering a feedback system and making partici- pation voluntary. Spotlight on Mi enials 1992 2011 GENERATION Z GENERATION Y/MILLENIALS z z 1980 1990 2000 2010 Photos via Un-Splash. From top to bottom: Jonathan Velasquez, Jay Wennington, R. Jordan N. Sanchez

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