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April | May 2016 | Ignitemag.ca | 3 Debbie van der Beek Co-Publisher debbie@ignitemag.ca Richard Elliott Co-Publisher richard@ignitemag.ca At the Hotel Association of Canada Conference last month, keynote speaker Cindy Estis Green, a hospitality sales and marketing expert, outlined how Priceline has acquired businesses that are tangentially related to its core activity: "They had to diversify their interests because the world is changing." It's not enough to be good at managing your business anymore. Adaptability is now what sets super-star businesses apart. Without vision, you're setting yourself up for missed opportunities—or worse. That's not to say that being flexible and taking chances guarantees success. But not being so can guarantee failure. You've probably heard the tale of how Blockbuster slammed the door in the face of Netflix when it proposed a partnership. We all know how that worked out. Change is inevitable. The only thing you can control is how you respond to it. The corporate meeting and travel industry is seeing its fair share of disruption—the low dollar, plunging oil prices and disease outbreaks—all of which require readjustment and action. In our own business, we're seeing how the landscape has shifted. The way people want to receive the information varies greatly from when we launched Ignite nine years ago. And we've responded, pumping up our digital issue with interactive content and adding multi-media rich Destination and Hotel "hubs" within our online Inspiration Room to meet the needs and wants of the planners. And you know what? It's exciting to embrace change and challenge yourself to rethink how you do business—you might just become the Netflix of our industry! SWITCHING GEARS just sayin'

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