Wolseley Fireplace Catalogue 2016-2017

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Want to convert your quotes to an immediate online order? Introducing a convenient new feature that allows you to receive and accept quotations from your sales rep into your Wolseley Express account, and then immediately process as an order. Web Quotes will save you time and provide a central location to house your quotes for future reference, and product pricing for online quotes remains locked in for 30 days. Online quotes also allow you to get pricing from our full product catalogue AND non listed items. If you have any requested changes you can contact your branch or sales person directly where they can edit the quote and send it directly back to your Web Quotes feature on your desktop. Wolseley Express Web Quotes Saving you time + improving how you do business. TO GET STARTED contact your sales rep or branch. They will enter the quote into our central system and deliver to your Wolseley Express account. Work smarter with .com WOLSELEY EXPRESS is the industry leading ecommerce platform for plumbing and HVAC/R products

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