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4 by Sandra Eagle, Ignite Sean Ho! and his team at Moniker Partners won the SITE Canada ICE Award for their program in Honduras. We caught up with Sean to discuss his success (for the second year in a row) and some of his observations on meaningful programs. What does it mean for your company and your sta! to win the ICE Award? It's obviously a great honour for us to win the ICE Award, knowing who we are up against and the calibre of the competition we face in Canada. At the same time, we really put a lot of hard work and creativity into this program and I felt confident we had truly created something special—which I'm glad came through to the judges. Between going o" the beaten path in choosing Honduras as a destination (and Managing Partner Sean Ho", joined by his team to accept the 2017 ICE Award at the SITE AGM. SITElines | Issue 2 2017 ICE Award Recipient A winning team: Moniker Partners overcoming all the challenges and obstacles that entailed!), and the incredible concept and theme we developed from scratch, it was validation that all the extra sweat and e"ort was worth it, and made me feel really proud of what we accomplished as a team. What is the most enjoyable part of creating these amazing programs? As a group, we really enjoy sitting around a table at the beginning, looking at the blank slate of the itinerary and coming up with ideas on how to fill each day with unique and genuinely engaging experiences that tap into the local 'fingerprint' as I call it. We're lucky to have a few clients who give us a lot of rope in coming up with creative ideas and executing them without too much involvement, and I'd like to believe we've earned their trust over the years—though to be honest I think nowadays it's more that they enjoy being just as surprised onsite as the rest of the attendees! The most enjoyable part for me personally is seeing all of the little touches pay o", when you see the excitement our attendees experience when participating in all the games and challenges we design for them. We've had a few laughs over the years at how frenzied our client's teams get when they really embrace the competitive spirit!

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